William Shatner kicks off new Star Trek shows – The Hollywood Reporter

William Shatner kicks off new Star Trek shows – The Hollywood Reporter

William Shatner closed the first night of San Diego Comic-Con in style – with plenty of swearing and a look back at his storied career.

In an hour-long conversation with emcee Kevin Smith, the 91-year-old actor talked about aging, space travel (both real and fictional), and his place in the pop culture consciousness.

Shatner’s age was a running joke throughout the panel, with the actor joking that he could die at any point during the panel. “None of us really want that, sir, but that would be incredible at Comic-Con,” Smith joked back. “People would say, ‘He died like the legend he was.'”

Throughout the Shatner on Shatner panel, presented by the fan-oriented company Legion M, the icon oscillated between, as he put it, “serious” and “fun” subjects. He took the time to discuss the importance and power of fandom to his career, in particular to: Star Trekwho introduced the world 56 years ago to James T. Kirk, his most enduring character.

When asked to address the fans of that other big sci-fi franchise, Shatner joked, “Fuck star wars… But not Mark Hamill.”

“We love Mark Hamill,” Smith agrees.

When asked by a fan if there were any new ones Star Trek series he thought rivaled his, Shatner replied, “none of them.”

“I need to know [creator] Gene Roddenberry would be pretty good in three years,” Shatner said, “he’d be turning in his grave at some of these things.”

At another time, he made it difficult for a fan to wear a mask because the actor couldn’t hear the man’s question. (Mask-wearing will be strictly enforced at Comic-Con this year, the first since the coronavirus shut down the convention for three years.) “Not only did I not understand what he was talking about, but I don’t understand who he’s talking to” said Shatner, after several attempts to ask the fan to take it off.

Shatner also took the time to talk about his real journey into space. He emphasized the importance of enjoying every minute of it: “I went and I swore that every moment I spent in space would not play in weightlessness, but look out the window and try to get an impression,” said he. Shatner from his journey last year in Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin.

However, Shatner said our own planet is where we really need to be. When a fan asked him which planet he would like to visit, Shatner simply said, “this is the only fucking planet we have.”

Near the end of the panel, Legion M showed an emotional clip from the upcoming Shatner documentary, in which the actor told a story about finding his beloved dog dead when he was only 10 years old. He described how this experience opened his mind to the fragility of life, changed his perspective and taught him to cherish fleeting moments with nature, family and planet Earth.

The panel ended with the fulfillment of a promise from Shatner. At the very beginning, Shatner said he and Smith would perform a “curse.” “You’re a doppelganger,” Shatner said.

“Well, double stupid on you,” replied Kevin Smith – a reference to rules in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986).

“What a useless statement that is,” Shatner joked back. “Now you sound like my mother,” Smith said. “I feel sorry for your mother,” Shatner said, ending the panel in a moment when the microphone was lowered.

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